Are you interested in becoming an art vendor on The Rusty Rooster online art marketplace?  Simply register an account with The Rusty Rooster. It’s all so simple!

Once terms have been committed, you will be able to log in to your new account and upload the images of your artwork to sell. You can also tell customers from around the world more about each piece by sharing details of your paintings and crafts, such as what inspired you or what you hope to achieve by sharing it.

After you make a sale, the order will arrive in your Rusty Rooster inbox. You will be alerted through the email address you used upon signing up. Payment of the order will be saved into an escrow system and held by The Rusty Rooster, which is a free platform for our vendors. This ensures that the vendor gets paid and that the art buyer will receive the work. After you ship the artwork and the verified tracking is received, the funds will be released by The Rusty Rooster and dispensed within the account of your choice, which you can setup within your art vendor profile.

*Note: We hope you can appreciate the reason why we cannot release funds until the order reaches your customer! This is to ensure a fair and high-quality marketplace for both the artists and the art buyers.

After the period of return has expired, we will send the sale proceeds your way, less the cost of commission which has been predetermined within your start up contract with The Rusty Rooster. This will conclude the transaction.

The Rusty Rooster makes it as convenient as possible for our vendors to get paid and for our buyers to choose the artworks they love. We accept most major credit cards.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us !