Meet our featured artist of the month, Cornu Pienaar.  Born in South Africa, Cornu now lives in Paraguay. He studied architecture at the University of Pretoria but like most successful entrepreneurs he did not complete his studies in his desire to start his own business, fabricating artistic leather rugs. When he emigrated to Paraguay, he began a new career in manufacturing bespoke hardwood flooring, staircases and decking.

Working with wood he soon realised that the wood in Paraguay and in particular the wood of the tree, Palo Santo had some incredible colour changing properties. He started experimenting painting on this wood and soon found he had a creative talent for painting with wood. Cornu has a strong collaboration with local tree farmers forming a partnership for sustainable farming and investing back into reforestation of trees.

This month we feature Cornu Pienaar as our talented artist of the month. We exhibit below some of his pieces of his art exclusively created using the natural colour changing properties of wood.